MathWorks-CSU Partnership for MATLAB

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Upcoming Activities

April 23, 2019, 10:00am-11:00 PST:
Interactive learning material for MATLAB - zyBooks

URL: https://calstate.zoom.us/j/286397580

Description: You are invited to participate in an informative webinar where we will present the zyBook for MATLAB and walk you through the philosophy and features that are fundamental to the zyBooks learning approach.

The MATLAB zyBook is written from scratch to teach MATLAB using the real power of the web, with ~850 participation activities which are embedded learning questions, animations of challenging concepts, and various interactive tools to develop intuition and skill. It includes a web-based MATLAB programming homework system, fully integrated within the zyBook, via a collaboration with MathWorks®. zyBooks is the first partner to offer MATLAB in the cloud and integrated within a textbook.

Program Contact

Jean-Pierre (JP) Bayard, PhD
Director of Systemwide Learning Technologies & Services
Academic Technology Services
CSU Office of the Chancellor

Kortney Capretta
MathWorks Account Manager

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